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Chain of Resistance

A paper chain constructed from the reply chain to the post below in ‘The 48%’ Facebook group.




Jim Blythe 28 February at 11:12 "I did something very childish this morning, but fun. And then I realised that it might have a practical aspect in terms of guerrilla tactics. On the Department for Exit's website there is a bit at the bottom where you can tell the IT chaps about any rpoblems you have with the site. It asks "What were you trying to do?" and "What happened?" So I put "I was having a happy life as an EU citizen" followed by "Some idiot held a half-assed referendum and wrecked the country". OK, you can say it's pointless, but it gives the IT people a laugh and maybe gets passed round the office. Then Julian Thompson pointed out that, if we all did it, it could be a powerful message. Well, obviously not the same message, something that you fancy writing. It would at least gum up the Department a bit, some civil disobedience? Anyway, I leave it with you.

EDIT: Someone asked for the link.…/department-for-exiting-the-european-un… You have to scroll right down to the bottom, it's a sort of greyed-out thing in small type saying "Is there anything wrong with this page?" A leading question!"

gestures of resistance

21-30 April 2017