Saturday 22nd April

Gestures of Resistance also extends outside the gallery space with an artists procession on 22nd April. Social resistance to austerity in Greece included diverse forms of solidarity in that sociopolitical crises always provide moments of opportunity to (re-)think and(re-)action. In the Procession artists parade their work on plinths, banners and blazoned on sandwich boards continuing the artistic conversations from within the gallery and taking them to the street as they proceed along the route from the Romansto Cultural Centre to the Polytechneion the site of the 1973 political uprising. The procession includes works by the artists, Rosie Gunn, Chris Coekin, Andrea Gregson, Anthony Heywood, Peter Kennard and Cat Phillipps, Bob Matthews, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Kathleen Rogers and Emmanuelle Waeckerle.


gestures of resistance

21-30 April 2017