Peter Kennard & Cat Phillpps

Studies for a Head

This series of work takes the vacuity of David Cameron’s face and fills it with the rightwing onslaught against the everyday life of the poorest people. His face is printed on the Financial Times, ripped through to show the emasculated welfare state, the destitution of the people, the protest, the violence of the authorities.


Using poor materials, newsprint, charcoal, ink, we’re not just fucking angry we’re in a fight against the rise of fascist thinking.


Rightwing PR attack dogs persuade electorates it is now the poor, the unemployed and the immigrants who are to blame for our economic decline.


The poor, the unemployed, the immigrants have no power to destroy the economy – Tory ideology maintains that their existence drains the strength of the economy while their austerity cuts increase the poverty, reduce employment, divide communities and strengthen the wealth of an already protected elite.


Artworkers, artists, writers, musicians have the means through their work to rip through the onslaught of lies and spin and be a part of the movement against this marching inhumanity.

gestures of resistance

21-30 April 2017