Kathleen Rogers

EKKYKLÊMA - Parable of Raudondvaris, Lithuania, 1998

Specifically adapted for Gestures of Resistance, Athens 2017, Kathleen Rogers revisits an archived site sensitive video installation work Parable of Raudondvaris produced in response to the historical, political and social challenges facing Lithuania in 1998. Following a long contested territorial history and brief period of ferocious Nazi occupation in 1941 from 1945-1990 the Baltic state of Lithuania was annexed as a republic of the Soviet Union. This legacy and unresolved history distinguish it from other EU member states. After 50 years of occupation by the USSR, Lithuania was the first Baltic state to declare of independence 1991. In 1998 the country was still in the process of radical change prior to forthcoming trade agreements its subsequent membership of the EU in 2004. The work represents a woman’s gesture of resistance in walking and erasing memories of the atrocities of the past. The title of the work, EKKYKLÊMA refers to a theatrical device used in ancient Greek theatre to deliver tableaux displays of tragic horror from behind the main stage. The early themes of Parable of Raudondvaris are highly relevant to the motives and themes of Gestures of Resistance and this adaption and recycling adheres to Kathleen Roger’s current conceptual frame working in her Cosmopolitical Futures, the Anthropocenic Human series of projects making connections between vitalist materialism, science, politics and ethics.

gestures of resistance

21-30 April 2017