jessica voorsanger


This piece of work consists of a large wall hanging that has been constructed with vintage, charity shop salvaged curtains and out-sourced tapestries. When combined they form a patchwork construct which acts as a locator for the nostalgic history that they [could have] embodied. Overlaying the fabric are sports action cards of the British Gold Metal winners from the Athens Olympics, 2004. They embody both the excitement and hope that the Olympics and achievement hold while simultaneously criticising the historically unsuccessful legacy of post Olympic site locations. A sort of bittersweet contrast. Also hanging from the top of the work is a large scroll of (mostly) tabloid newspaper covers from the beginning of the inauguration process for President Trump, and how like (most of these Olympic site locations) embody an unsettling and unknown state of what is to come. A gentle form of resistance in the form of fabric, paper, collage and safety pins. Hopefully safety in numbers will defend our freedom and joyful diversity in the future.

gestures of resistance

21-30 April 2017