Emmanuelle Waeckerle

The JUNGLE FEVER in Athens map refers equally to one's mind and body, or the city as potential sites for gestures of resistance. The instructions provided on the back of the map and the phrases inscribed on the 2 banners (some contributed by previous participants to the project) promote a playful and creative approach to protesting but to life as well; as acts of resistance against ruthless capitalism and consumerism, as ways of changing the world without wanting power, in the words of John Holloway.


Emmanuelle Waeckerlé is a London based artist and academic whose interdisciplinary practice uses text (very few words) to construct visual scores and instructions for the marking and reading of space. Each occurrence brings opportunities for new translation, interpretation and slippages. Recurring themes are the creative potential of translation and poetics of survival and resistance.

gestures of resistance

21-30 April 2017