Craig Fisher

Homemade Devices

‘Homemade Devices’ (2013-17) are an ongoing series of sculptural objects inspired by images of improvised explosive devices found whilst researching on the Internet. The works explore the formal inventiveness and provisionality of such objects employing a variety of craft processes in their production as well as considering their potent potential as representational objects of threat and danger. What makes these objects fascinating and curious is that they are comic and ominous. Ideas of filmic or cartoon violence are juxtaposed with decorative motifs and craft techniques from textiles; the sense of saturation at play in the work makes it easy to miss the horror due to the seductive nature and materiality of the artwork. The other work I would like to propose for ‘Gestures of Resistance’ are a new series of works, ‘Disaster Scarves’, a series of silk scarves were images of explosion clouds become simplified cartoon motifs, exploring the subvertive potential of the decorative through my use of luxurious patterned fabrics.

gestures of resistance

21-30 April 2017