chris coekin

Work That Stage

Work That Stage reflects upon the notion of work, struggle and artistic elitism. It continues and pursues Coekin’s ongoing working methodology utilising text, image and collaborative processes. The images appropriate and emulate the aesthetics of self-publicity material often used by social-club entertainers. These vibrant and textually descriptive ephemera follow a visual development that can be traced back to the traditions of Folk Art, the Victorian Carte de Visite through to Music Hall billing posters. Coekin replaces the entertainers with manual workers whist still retaining the visual language pf the original material. He then mimics the common descriptive language and typography originally used by the entertainers, juxtaposing them with the workers’ professions and nicknames. The portraits reflect the defiance and pride of manual workers within an increasingly unstable European Union.


gestures of resistance

21-30 April 2017