Anthony Heywood

This idea of long term appreciation and value of the earth’s wildlife is quite obviously alien, not only to the procurers and purveyors of ivory, but too much of particular eastern cultures. Ironically, the medium of news paper, which was responsible for disseminating the plight of the elephants, in a news article which stimulated my desire to make work on the plight of the elephants in the 1980’s is still going on today. A newspaper which is not performing the function for which it was designed, is a peculiarly bereft and graceless and I have upcycled different papers which represent some of the detritus of our culture. The paper in conjunction with the piercing bamboos are representative of how eastern cultures are slaughtering elephants solely for the possession of its tusks. To satisfy a supply created to meet the demand of a particular rarefied ostentatious and perverted refinement of taste.

gestures of resistance

21-30 April 2017