andrea gregson

Crystal Haul

Crystal haul is an artwork adapted for the procession, as a gesture of resistance to extinction of species, to the lethargy and the malaise of human made climate change. With an upsurge in nationalism, this larger global dilemma which we all share becomes even more pressing. Thinking about the Anthropocene, the materiality of global capitalism and the mass production and movement of materials across the planet to our homes, waste matter chokes our world and its species, from industry and consumer waste reforming into future accretions of geology. Plastic net bags are one such material, found across the world and manufactured to transport fruit and vegetables across oceans in large containers to supermarkets then to our homes. These nets are manufactured, transported, consumed then sent to landfill.  By way of resistance, Crystal Haul translates, reconstructs and reconfigures this system into random formations. The nets, collected over the last five years, is the waste material consumed and collected Gregson during this time.  The work is part of a larger body of work which explores sculptures potential to transform and collapse matter, in particular, its ability to quickly and radically transform materials into new material states and forms.

gestures of resistance

21-30 April 2017